Meet the maker!

Hi, I am Sucharita! A watercolour artist based in Mumbai, India. Nestled within the vibrant heart of Mumbai, I am privileged to reside in a space where the city's energetic pulse meets a lush mangrove. My home, by this green oasis, offers a unique retreat.  Painting is my peaceful escape, letting me reflect on the beauty in the world. The wonders and oddities of nature inspires me. My world of art is enchanting and whimsical. My paintings are an exploration of the most beautiful realms my imagination can conjure. I hope they become windows, allowing this wonder and beauty I see in this world to brighten your space.

Starting my design journey at National Insitute of Design, Ahmedabad, I've dedicated the last two decades to co-founding and running Seek Red, a communication design studio, along with my husband. Specializing in film and OTT publicity design, we've collaborated with esteemed clients, navigating diverse projects that include crafting posters, developing branding strategies, and creating engaging websites. This journey has not only provided valuable experiences working with significant industry names and large organizations but has also underscored my commitment to a process-driven approach, ensuring impactful outcomes for every endeavor.

I reside with my husband and two children, and as a family, we share a profound passion for traveling, particularly road trips. The opportunity to explore different parts of the world not only broadens our perspective but also allows us to immerse ourselves in nature. This, in turn, serves as a significant source of inspiration for much of my creative work.

I curate my Instagram with an eclectic mix of inside look into my artistic process through captivating process videos of my paintings, sneak peeks behind the studio scenes, and snapshots from my inspiring travels.

Join me on this visual storytelling journey here @sucharitas