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I am a watercolor artist and love to paint all sorts of things but 'whimsical paintings' have my heart. My world is full of magic, nature, fables and fairytales. I invite you to embrace the magic and make it yours and wake up to art that speaks your language!

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I am a watercolour artist based in Mumbai, India. Painting is my peaceful escape, letting me reflect on the beauty in the world. The wonders and oddities of nature inspires me. "I hope my paintings become windows, allowing this wonder and beauty I see in this world to brighten your space."


I'm delighted to have collaborated with some remarkable brands, including...

“Your beautiful illustrations have given this story an extra dimension!”

- Ruskin Bond, Author

An exceptionally talented artist. Working with Sucharita has been an absolute delight on both a professional and personal level. Her commitment to bringing our brand's vision to life is unwavering, and her collaborative spirit has made every project a seamless and enjoyable experience.

-Sarah Flint, CEO and founder Sarah Flint Inc.

Sucharita’s work has a delicate balance of design and illustration. She has a brilliant ability to understand the core of the story and bring out its strongest, most visual thread, leaving you mesmerized and enchanted.

-Tina Narang, Publisher – HarperCollins Children’s Books, HarperCollins

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If you haven't already, I invite you to explore my Instagram, where I offer glimpses into my artistic process through captivating videos, behind-the-scenes peeks, and snapshots from my inspiring travels.