Sarah Flint

Working with Sarah and her team was an absolute delight! Starting from giving a very clear brief, sharing a well researched moodboard, being extremely organized in their communication, and, most of all, generously expressing their appreciation of my work, are but a few things which made the collaboration amazingly satisfying.


When Sarah asked me to illustrate a scarf, she mentioned how important the corners in the scarf are and the various ways her scarves can be worn.  How about having all four corners with different designs so that one gets to wear it uniquely every time! I also wondered if the scarf could be a two-way scarf, which is two distinct design appears when the scarf is folded in half. I had many ideas running in my head but putting together all those different elements seamlessly was challenging. I started sketching ideas for the initial composition, drawing inspiration from the absolutely fabulous moodboard that Sarah had shared with me. Additional research into the flora, fauna and architecture of Avignon was pursued... and voila... I had my elements for the scarf ready! After many coffees, sheets of scribbled papers, midnight ‘Aha’ moments and meticulously painted details, I had the illustration for the scarf ready.

Here are some images of the Original artwork for the scarf